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France Telecom

In contrast to the rest of French society, France Telecom displays amazing efficiency. Not paying your telephone bill will get your service cut off within the week.

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  1. That is pretty much in contrast to a large segment of American society as well. Especially local government.

  2. Well, it very much surprised me. Balancing your money with a monthly paycheck can be quite a pain in the ass. So I have no phone at home. Or internet for that matter. But it is peaceful.

  3. but isn’t the phone a passing fad anyway?

    bayman townie1 April, 2006 @ 10:28 amReply
  4. Clearly. I need to remember to charge my blackberry. Blueberry? And wear my cellshades.

    Did you know that men who wear a cell phone on their belt have low sperm counts?


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