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Tenets of Police State Science

  1. Monbiot has a fine article on emerging technology that will soon mean that many of us will be tagged and monitored for the purposes of public safety. Perhaps the real panopticon will be built one brick at a time, and will not be so participatory—well, at least, voluntary, after all. The two technologies that make up the bulk of the article are identification chip, one type implanted under the skin, the other in the proposed ID Card for Britain. Monbiot teases out a whole slew of possible abuses. Please read it.
  2. One possible effect of the ID chips that Monbiot didn’t consider, and that is already occurring in America, is the National Animal ID Program(NAIS). Apparently it is being instated already. In brief: every livestock owner in the United States will now have to insert a chip into his or her pet, feedstock, or whatever else and report to the government on its usage. One wonders: what could be the motivation? A consolidation of agribusiness powers? Another layer of leverage against smalltimers?
  3. The final analysis of these steps will have to concern contracts: it all comes down to contracts. We should know who is getting paid by whom and when. That is what NAIS is: another profit sector for one more corporation. That is how neoliberal government works works; that is policy.

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  1. Thank you for writing about NAIS. More people need to know how NAIS is going to hurt small farmers and homesteaders and then ultimately consumers as our national food supply becomes consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer larger corporations. Even vegetarians will pay the price because good organic veggies are grown in composts of animal manure. With fewer animals being raised organically in the traditioanl manner there will be less manure.

    I have setup a blog at to track NAIS. I have written several articles about how NAIS would affect small farmers and homesteaders. If you are interested in articles please let me know. No payment is expected.


    Walter Jeffries
    Sugar Mountain Farm
    in Vermont

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