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Reading between

Like a few of the webjournals I read silently, I’ve joined the reading between project. Reading between proposes establish a community of shared reading. What form that shared reading will finally take, and what it will eventually achieve, is uncertain. But the project promises to be immensely stimulating.

The first text is a book by David Graeber, Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value. I’m unfamiliar with Graeber’s work, but I’ve started reading a few of his articles available online, and find what he has to say quite sensible, quite attractive. The pamphlet Fragments of a Anarchistic Anthropology veritably sparks with ideas, and is emminently readable. Never again will I write ‘anarchism’ off as the toy of silly adolescents: one has to wonder why the popular conception of anarchism came to be so estranged from its sensibilities.

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