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The Armory Show


This weekend, the escape artist and yourstruly took a trip down to the Waterfront and wandered around the Armory Show. Nothing makes you remark your own drabness like noting the chic threads that the beautiful rich wear, and if the Armory Show didn’t really have any amazing art it sure had some sharply dressed, attractive rich folk. I felt positively out of place in my shabby blue jeans and beat up cap, my three days’ shadow and dull scuffed black shoes.

Of course, that the art was so bad, so boring made me feel a bit better. That did not stop the financial wing of the art world from skipping about and looking for lucrative finds. One lilypad for the lascivious lapping tongues of the arttoads was strangely out-of-place: its Very Pretty Hostess was wearing a Very Conservative Powersuit, and its aesthetic seemed to be akin to the Picasso of the classical period — classy tackiness, in a way. Representational, humanistic, anachronistic. Maybe my quizzical look at their selection was noted, because the lady in the powersuit eyed me all the while.

The only pieces of art that really caught my attention were a couple by Bruno Peinado at the Galerie Loevenbruck booth. He smashed security glass and then mounted it on dibond. The effect was to put the lines of fragmentation in relief on the color of the dibond. Pleasing. Then there are also the anarchist resonances of the work.

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