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Mendacity and Theft

I just reread my post of yesterday, having in the interim between writing and rereading it blazed through the Passion of the Corporation. John at commonplacebook recommended it in an indirect sort of way (in a year’s end meme, of all places), claimed it to be catalytic. Well: I’ve slipped over the cusp. Now I feel I ought reconsider yesterday’s words, supplement them.

It has becomes quite clear not only that the American war in Iraq has far overstepped ‘lawfulbounds, but that rampant corruption has followed in its wake. Money disappears into purchases of fictitious or malfunctioning goods. Elected/appointed officials decorate their homes with gold-plated chandeliers—and pay more than market value. Bribes kickbacks collusion. We have to wonder: where the “good governance” of the Anglos, governance by the “rule of law”? Nowhere to be found but in his assertions.

This mantra espoused by Mead—“comfort with capitalism,” the chicken/egg problem of that comfort birthing/born of “good governance” and also leading to good governance and happiness for all mankind as well as primacy in might—is bogus/lies/villainy. At best wishful fantasy: glue that cannot bind the facts. The factual fragment splinter at first touch and demand to be re-assembled with better care, more rigor, finer adhesive. But that is beside the point. We have to wonder why even bother rationalizing the exercise of might? The exercise of violent force to secure one’s goal is the point at which reason breaks down, can never be considered logically fulfilling. Why rationalize it so? To subsume reason? To absorb reason into the exercise of power? Why not just say: we will take what we want and in the manner we want because we can and far be it from you to question because we have the might thereby the right to do so.

This reconsideration feels inadequate.

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