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Bring on the Barbarians

DemocracyNow! noted today that it looks like many of the banks that received federal money via TARP got together to discuss strategies to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act. Huffington Post has a report on the story, which is where DN! got the information. There is nothing new in the report; Thomas Frank wrote it up a long time ago. The most striking aspect of the story is how Bernie Marcus, Home Depot’s founder, reacted to the notion that workers would be organizing unions. As Frank quotes him:

This is the demise of a civilization,” moaned Bernie Marcus, cofounder and former CEO of The Home Depot, during an Oct. 17 conference call about card check. “This is how a civilization disappears. I’m sitting here as an elder statesman, and I’m watching this happen, and I don’t believe it.”

If civilization is the reign of schmucks like Marcus, all I can say is bring on the barbarians.

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