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I was telling some of my peers that my end goal was to get a stone hut in a mild region and grow grapes and olives, in order to make wine and oil. They wanted to know what I was doing where I am at; I told them I wanted to bring books to the hut as well. This made them laugh, which is fine, because it was a half joke: the hut will probably be made of adobe, because stone is too heavy. But the very idea seemed to seem ridiculous to them.

Such lack of dilettantism, or even interest in things outside the purview of the profession, depresses me.

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  1. Such lack of dilettantism” a nice way of wording that point…

    This attitude reminds me a bit of fellow mfa grads who could not understand pursuing an advanced degree for any reason other than to teach afterword, as though admitting that the perceived uselessness of our skills is in fact the reality. It also says something about the declining nature of our educational systems, at 24, what could I possibly have to teach?

  2. You sell yourself too short.

  3. No, I still expect too much of a system that trains and does not teach. A byproduct of being home-schooled, I would guess.

  4. You are truly poorly socialized.

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