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Critical thinking

All thinking is critical thinking; honest thought acknowledges this.

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  1. What of the stream-of-consciousness gobbledygook that often stews in one’s brain, and can often form the bases of one’s judgments? Surely, that kind of “thought” isn’t on the same level as critical thought?
    I think my question here is, how do you define “thinking”?

  2. My question would be how are you defining “critical”…and perhaps thought as well. What about thoughts that were never thought, ideas that were picked up somewhere to then be interpreted by someone else that now fall into ones own “thought” process?

    Honest thought acknowledges that it is never objective?

  3. If thinking in this context refers to the activity of logical thought, then I agree, all thinking is critical thinking. Honest thought, then, acknowledges that all thought (even by the basest) is ATTEMPTING to work itself in accordance with the rules of logic. There is, then, no privilege in one’s thought being “critical,” as if proclaiming oneself a “critical thinker” endowed oneself with a supreme intellectual advantage. While one analysis may be better than another, no analysis is “more critical” than another.

    This was my attempt to “unpack” JCD’s statement. That is all.

  4. By “critical” I just meant reflected through itself. Or, there is no one that doesn’t think through his own head. Or, there is no unthought thinking. Whether or not this translates into better critique or sharper thought depends on other factors. But it seems to me that honest an honest thinker will admit to himself that his thought is bound up in his orientation to the world.

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