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Zizek on Ecology

While I was off doing ecology, Democracy Now! broadcast the other portion of their interview with Zizek. He had some things to say about market based solutions:

I’m well aware that, if anything, state socialism was even worse for ecology. Those countries are countries with the worst ecological record. But nonetheless, there is something interesting. It’s that, of course, at a certain level, the capitalists market ways to deal with ecological problems, no? You include, if you can assess, the ecological damage into the price of the product and all that stuff. It works. But I think it doesn’t work with the threat of really large catastrophes, all this pushing towards Kyoto deal or whatever. [my emphasis]

Zizek is such a good anticapitalist, good radical, good Marxist. He really gets it. We can unproblematically incorporate the costs of ecological damage of production into commodity prices! Wooowooo!

I wonder, though, if the ecological record of socialist states is actually worse than capitalist ones (there’s a research project for some budding ecosocialogist); I’ll perhaps look into that in the fall or shoot an email off to someone with half a concern and a desire for factual data (not a philosopher!).

And it isn’t surprising that Zizek trashes Kyoto. What a tool.

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  1. Will we remind Zizek that a corporation- being set on profit- is an externalizing machine? And that the implementation of procedures and devices not intended to secure profit is contrary to its nature? Or are both questions a shot in the dark by me?

    Matthew20 May, 2008 @ 12:51 amReply
  2. No, I think Zizek might find them illuminating. Or should anyway. But it’s not his perogative to ‘know’ about anything, it is to raise questions about our process of knowing. I suppose the best we can hope for is an improvement in the operation of his ignorance.

  3. yes yes, “corporation- being set on profit- is an externalizing machine…”

    the erasure of Subject by objects as Baudrillard put it…

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