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I’m safely arrived in New Mexico, and will soon be eating some beans and salad. But before I do that, I think I will wax philosophical about the contradictions inherent in an undertaking of the sort I am doing at the moment. I flew across the country in order to take part in sustainable skills workshop. So, I engaged in perhaps the defining activity of our unsustainable society in order to take a class on how to develop self-sustaining patterns. The contradictions are as rich in this act as they are in capitalism proper. Hell, they’re probably caused by capitalism proper.

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  1. Now now, lets remember what you told me while I was in Germany oh so many years ago. If you are going to be gone it had better be for something worth while. No complaining then mister. As mom says you take those good notes so we don’t have to go ourselves, think about all the airfare you are saving others….

    I thought we were going to see pictures of that pretty ranch with shitty cell service?

    Boo has refused to sleep at night in your absence.

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