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Mining the Desperate

This and related schemes are rather insidious. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but it’s actually quite brilliant: take a struggling, massive population of amateur, but desiring to be professional, advertmen and graphic designers; create a contest that promises to explode one of them across the world; wait for a winning entry. Compared to the cost outlay that Pepsico would have had to pay one of the bigwig ad-agencies, the measly 5k that goes to the winner and the cost of putting on the contest are minimal. And yet what the company gets is so much: it makes thousands of people ruminate on their product; it pillages the collective wit for the next big ad; it becomes so much hipper than coke.

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  1. Maybe I should go put my class poster right over the top of that ad…and then you can tell me how awesome it looks and pet my ego a little before telling me I need a padded bra. Yes?

  2. Your poster’s up there, eh?

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