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Priest Dearth

The NYTimes has an article about efforts to bolster the number of seminarians in New York. Apparently not as many people are receiving the call as in years past, so the archdiosese is attempting to woo teenagers with a crisp ad campaign:

There will be flashy videos, with quick cuts, stirring sound tracks and fearless priests on New York streets. Goody bags will include glossy post cards of the pontiff emblazoned with the word “Willkommen!” — and the Web address, the seminary’s recruiting site. In coming weeks, the archdiocese will send its schools posters that announce, “The World Needs Heroes,” including one of black-suited priests crossing an intersection — looking like “Going My Way” meets “Reservoir Dogs.”

That’s rich. You have to wonder if the image-makers, branders, and PR firms that were contracted to do this were the same (or similar) to those that were contracted to rebrand the army, market the war, and polish up the jingoists in the Republican and Democratic parties. Gotta look sharp for the spectacle!

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