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What I’m looking at

It’s masterful, really, the way time can be measured, analyzed and assigned. Productivity measured to the hundredth of a second, touch typing, luminous screens and bloodshot eyes, economized-bulk purchased paper (thin as tissue, cheap feeling on fingers), sound deadening windows (outside the birds sing, sparrows mostly), miniblinds, parking lots, rentacops, gas stations, coffee spills, brownish liquid that is not coffee, vending machines selling “food.” Soul sucking. Really, really soul sucking.

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  1. All that taken into account, of course, but don’t you feel productive when you are “working”? If you weren’t there what would you accomplish for your day, how would you move “forward” in your life and toward your goals? Perhaps if you weighed the more positive aspects of the day against what could be the negative, you might be more likely to embrace those little neon things…..(what are those by the by?)

    Society does its job well, however, when I am adding up hours on my time sheet that I never worked, I do still feel a small twinge of guilt.

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