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Richmond is cold, but not freezing, and the damp air runs through flesh to bone. That’s why, presumably, there’s no one out walking the streets past dusk, though chill stiffened knuckles and wind chaffed ears remind better than most things of the body’s vitality. The silence of streets is heavy and broken only by the syncopated sound of a walker’s own footsteps, which echoes off row houses’ brick walls as he or she picks a path along uneven sidewalks and hulking leafless trees. Behind windows, in warm living rooms, fat families ingest their television.

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  1. walking here in the pissoir, i used to look for the bluish glow coming from the tubes hidden behind curtains. now walking the neighbourhood the curtains open, the plasma-ed sets are like competing drive-in cinemas.

  2. That sounds like fun actually. Fishbowling your neighborhood in a kind of anthropological walk about. I live right next door to a bankruptcy center. And there aren’t too many fat families that I see. What city do you live in?

  3. Competing cinemas: would be better if there were something worth watching on the tube. Though with TiVo and the like I suppose one could find interesting window-watching if he had interesting neighbors. I can only imagine with I would find in RVA.

    Acumench: I like in Richmond VA. I used fat a bit loosely. Some of the people here are, truly, fat, but the vast majority are just soft or squishy.

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