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Obey your thirst

The vending machine in the breakroom at the building where I work has Thanks for choosing Pepsi emblazoned on it. There is only one vending machine: some choice we are making! No doubt my employers have signed an agreement with PepsiCo, effectively making our choice for us. You are indeed welcome, Pepsi! I find this to be a fitting metaphor for the choices available to ‘consumers’ under capitalism: you can choose Pepsi or you can choose thirst.

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  1. yeah i remember a time at the old chicago stadium and the choices budweiser
    remembered the old bud slogan “nothing beats a bud” so i had nothing.

  2. Haha, wow. Vending machines are in the air! I posted a pic on my blog about iPod vending machines. Thank you for choosing commodity fetishism!

  3. The iPod vending machine is a bit much. I suppose if a person made enough money that to them the cost of an iPod was the relative equivalent of what a Pepsi would cost me, they’d not break a sweat selecting a Nano or whatever.

    I’m a poor judge though: I listen to music via headphones less than I drink soda, and less than never is not very much.

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