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Pattern Recognition

Something I notice translating poorly written scrawl from police reports is the fascinating ability of brains to sense words from a tangled mess of chicken scratch. I can do this with handwriting that is abominable, so long as it is trying to approximate the look of a word in English. Spanish it becomes difficult. French, well, French it becomes incredibly difficult. This is because my knowledge of sentential context in French is pretty poor, at least comparatively. I can look at a bit of knotted scribbling on a page and assimilate myriad possible meanings from it, in English and Spanish, and so sense the one that it most likely says; with French it becomes incredibly more difficult. What does this mean? I need to read more French, and so increase the potentialities I am able to sense in the morass of poorly written words.

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  1. You should have been an artist, although, since all you have to do these days is self-proclaim being one, I dub thee an artist. An artist of words, and deciphering is your medium. Why that means something great I have no idea, but it seems everyone but artists envy being an artist. Anyhow, I just mean it sounds like the type of thing that could be used somehow, like in one of those books I had to read where you can’t use e, or where everything begins with e, or some such nonsense.

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