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About a month before the ground thaws I’ll start my herbs — this year I don’t plan to sow very many vegetables, as I have no ground to work with — so I have got to choose which ones I want. Everything must go into containers. So: herbs. And some flowers, to liven up the back porch. The few veggies that I do grow will be selected for their punch: spicy peppers, grape tomatoes. Alternatively, a few of the local anarchists have voiced interest in doing a proper season of guerrilla gardening: vegetables can be grown in other peoples disused planters and traffic dividers. Alongside sunflowers and other bee-gatherers.

I’m also slotted for the permaculture intensive class that was canceled last fall. And this year I have already saved enough money to make it. So come the end of April I will be on my way to the hinterlands of New Mexico, to look at the way water moves through a desert landscape and consider the possibilities of looping the inherent constructive potentialities of things.

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  1. we are starting an herb garden again for the first time in about eight years - since we moved - we tried planters but this year there a a 12x 18 foot section ready to be sown. the problem here has been with the shortened season - basil cannot really be grown outdoors until june how do you determine ” a month before the ground thaws” and where will you keep your starters.

  2. I usually look to the equivalent of the old farmers almanac: average latest frost dates. There are a bunch of sites that have this sort of information. Given that you live in semi-Tundra conditions near Chicago, it might be difficult to grow basil. But! You can start the seeds indoors in a window box or with one of those cheapy grow lights, and slowly harden then off about a week or so after the last average frost.

    Have you ever considered putting in an herb spiral? The one behind the link is a bit puny but they can be rather large.

    This year I will probably put them on a rolling cart. I need to get one still. Last year I had a bigger kitchen space that was all mine and had a folding table that I used to hold the seedlings.

  3. Since I have tons of basil varieties I will see if I have one that is more suited to your eskimo conditions.

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