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Taking the long way home

A little story about Frankfurt, a city with two airports: we get into Frankfurt from Prague via Dresden. It has taken us about eight hours, and we are happy because we have four more to kill before our flight; getting to the airport will eat that nicely, and in the process we’ll grab something snacky and it’ll be time to board. So we go to the information booth put the paper with the airport’s name on it on the desk, and ask how to get to there. The German lady behind the counter gives us directions.

It’s not too bad getting there. We have a bit of trouble with the train ticket machines, because they’re all in German and the people passing aren’t in the mood to be helpful, but we manage. The train ride takes about 10 minutes. So we exit the subway, ascending via escalator, and go ask for the Ryanair check-in counter.

Ryanair is not at this airport; it is at Hahn airport.”
“And that is where?”
“About 130km away.”

It seems the nice lady behind the counter fucked us up. But there is still hope: a bus leaves for Hahn from the 22 bus-stop right outside for the low low price of 13 euro a person. We rush to the stop, grasping our ATM fresh euro notes; get there and find no bus so look at the schedule. It’s 7:25, missed the last one by 10 minutes. The next bus leaves at 10. Our flight leaves at 10:40. The traveling time via bus is 1:30. To shorten the account: we had to pay a taxi driver 170 euros to get us there, but we made our flight. So much for Ryanair’s deal steal.

Arriving in London Stansted at 11pm, we pass through customs and hop on yet another bus (20 GBP each) to Heathrow. Get there at around 1:30 am, find some aluminum benches and crash for the morning, until the American Airlines booths open at 5. Airport was pretty cold, and the seat pretty uncomfortable, so instead of sleeping I read The Name of the Rose. When morning came we boarded our flights: first to O’hare, then to Phoenix, then to LAX. Total traveling time about 48 hours.

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