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Frameless views, and Corfu

To travel with the eyes of a tourist is something like looking at the world through the eyes of a child; you have no frame of reference into which to fit the new perceptions you have, and so are forced to encounter them as new, unique.

This is, of course, a horribly optimistic way of looking at tourism. More often than not, tourists are unprepared for the culture they will come across (at best) or simply insensitive to the differences they find (at worst). If, despite all the likelihoods, one can simply observe these differences with as little bias as possible, his way of looking at his own culture will be greatly enriched. The strange will contrast with the familiar. For this, travel is quite valuable.

Corfu rises up out of the ocean on the shoulders of rough lavarocks, overshagged with thick vegetation that seems as impenetrable as anything the tropics could offer. Olive trees are everywhere, as are cypresses. The people may be the kindest we have run across. The waves of the sea encircling the island never kick up too high, and there is no riptide to pull you unwittingly out, so even I, poor swimmer that I am, swam out past the breakers to watch the shorewalkers trot over the hot sand. At ten feet of depth, you can see through the clear water to the bottom.

Not much other than sand and sun to report. I feel pleasantly decompressed. Tomorrow, eastward.

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