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What we might call the manifold of experience — the movement of our bodies through the world, its reaction to us and ours back onto it in sort of a feedback loop of the possible — is an infinitely supple thing. Reason cannot contain it: it is not a product of the intellect; sense does not encompass it: our five senses are not the end of the story. It might be called a consciousness, but consciousness cannot extend outside the present and so cannot be the correct word: for there are preconscious and subconscious states of which we cannot be aware but all the same prefigure and inform our conscious awareness as well as dead matter which though unthinking all the same works on our possible thought.

The manifold, being so supple, so complex, can only be smashed and smoothed, crushed under the weight of oppressive notions of being or totalizing conceptions of the place of selves in the world. Likewise, narratives that enclose the tangled complexity of the manifold with definite finality, funnel its loops and turns into predestined channels from which an easily grasped sense is extracted, can only disconnect it from us and leave us, having lost touch with it, alienated. And looking for further truths in these lies, turning a blind eye to the scintillating movement of the manifold will get us nowhere.

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  1. This is very nice, I quite like it. This is what you should send to the religious tyrant….something poetic and beyond its comprehension.

    a davis2 April, 2007 @ 8:28 pmReply
  2. It’s pretty much but not wholly in response to that anyway.

  3. i was thinking that you should send it to artists who try to live the pure life as with slight adjustments it may be the explanation needed.

  4. I’d have to say something about craft is really just art dissolved into the interplay of forces between the creating craftsman and the stubborn resilience of the material, born out through historic treatment of it and its innate properties, I suppose.

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