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Stone Fungus

Despite our having been delayed in arriving to Barcelona, I am glad to have been able to go. The feel of the city is very distinct from that of Madrid; at once kinder, softer, and sunnier. But perhaps not as hot.

We were only in the city for two days, one of which we spent on the shores of the mediterranian, watching American schoolchildren — college students? — have their first experience on a topless beach. The guys remarked how ‘authentic’ they were for drinking Sangria, while the girls took off their tops and then covered their breasts with their arms.

I suppose that many other nonanglophones would annoy me as much as my fair countrymen, but I can’t understand as much of what they say; so their chatter is simply chatter, but not inane.

The highlight of Barcelona certainly was the architecture of Gaudì. He managed to make stone structures look like the sort of crawling fungi you see underneath the bark of fallen trees in forests. Beautiful.

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