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Postcard from Paris

I am now in Paris, typing on a keyboard that has all the keys jumbled around. I suspect they have done this to ensure the most time consumed by tourists. The cost per hour is an astounding six euros — or perhaps that is not astounding at all, but I have not paid so much for access ever. Paris in comparison to London is kind. Well, it is until you have to talk to the French with only a moderate grasp of the language.

It seems my command of the language is far below what I will need to have in the fall. It is good, perhaps, that I have come here to be embarrassed. ((Painfully, I cannot find the apostophe on this computer, and so I cannot write proper contractions. Alas))

We have made a grand tour of the museums: say the Tate and its wonderful collections; stood in awe as brats at the British Museum drummed on sarcophagi; spent a whole day exploring a third of the Louvre. Quite fun, quitefun.

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