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Not only am I working on a poem, I am typesetting Hegel’s Introduction to History. Maybe someone out there will buy copies of it for 50 dollars each and make it worth my while, as the common parlance goes.

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  1. My I inquire why you would embark on such a project? Is the book out of print? Are you going to publish it yourself?

  2. ours is not to reason why…”

    An exercise in aesthetic assemblage.

    I am going to bind my own beautiful copy of it.

    livingfossil22 November, 2006 @ 8:23 pmReply
  3. Ah. Then we are not, in fact, talking of multiple copies likely to make your fortune. ;-)

  4. Not just yet… I might save up and print a run of 50. But for now, three hand bound copies will be all. It’s practice in design, really. But also, a good reason to study the hell out of a Hegel book. Spirit and Will, oh my.

    livingfossil23 November, 2006 @ 5:47 pmReply

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