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I haven’t written anything — any poem, I should say — since I came back from France. But I started one today.

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  1. Glad you got off your bottom and started something. Not sure a poet can be a good one of he/she never writes anything. Well, maybe at SAIC, but in the “real” world. . .?

  2. i don’t know… there was this writer who as constantly at the queen’s elm on sundays having pint after pint. his lack of anything written never hurt his reputation.

  3. 1 I never claimed I was a good poet when we linked up sweetheart, I just recited that bit that Eliot stole from Heraklitus. Besides, playing in the “real” sandbox is for thugs and their goons (real estate agents and lawyers). I’ll build my sandcastles in the air, dammit.

    2 I am going to start brewing my own beer…

    livingfossil14 November, 2006 @ 6:52 pmReply

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