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Strike Tactics

There’s a point, around 6:15 or so, where the discussion turns to ways that unions can reshape some of the tactics of striking. It concerns public sector workers, like nurses or garbage handlers; instead of striking, for instance, nurses could bring in more people and demonstrate how things would look and work if there were adequate funding for adequate staff. That’s a fine suggestion. But me, I like the second idea, which is instead of simply letting trash sit on the street everywhere, garbage handlers let it sit and stink only in specific neighborhoods. Or pick it all up and drop it off in specific locations. Whether or not that would be as effective is hard to say.

The change of tactics indicates a change in the conception of the goal of the strike. Not merely more wages, or whatever (quite important things). But using the actual form of what is done as a strike action to encapsulate some characteristics of the sort of society the strike would like to bring about.

And, of course, dumping trash on the lawns of the rich’s megamansions. That, that I like.

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