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DIY Water Filter

Worldchanging reports on Tony Flinn’s development of a water filter that can be made with nothing but terracotta clay, some organic material (such as coffee grounds), and a bit of manure. These sorts of things excite me, both because I have a survivalist streak imbued in me by having a psuedohermit for a father, and because it’s a good day when we find a cheap way to bring people clean water. There’s a .pdf file that’s been released by the Australian National University that outlines how one can go about creating the filter. The ANU posts this warning, however:

It is not recommended that water from this filtration process be consumed where clean drinking water is available. The Australian National University accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of direct or indirect use or application of the filtration process.

Use only in case of emergency, it would seem.

I find it at once amusing and disturbing that simple solutions such as these elude discovery, while at the same time very, very much is spent on highly complex (and expensive) methods that may or may not be feasible. As it goes: misery births ingenuity. With luck, the poorest of the poor in the shittiest of places will reap a great benefit from this. Three cheers for Tony Flinn.

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