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Savory Polenta

A book that I edited recently came out. It’s a cookbook by these guys, the Hot Knives. In the it, there’s a recipe for something called Morning Glory Polenta; I’ve been wanting to make it for a while, and had planned on doing a brunch or something with it this weekend. But the weekend got too full, so brunch faded from my bleary eyes. Tonight, though, I thought I’d riff on the recipe and see what I could come up with. The Hot Knives recipe is sweetish and brunchlike, but I was making dinner. So I made it savory. Basically I sautéed onions, criminis, garlic, and fennel seed; tossed in white wine to deglaze; added four cups of stock made from roasted veggie trimmings along with some dried porcinis; boilt the lot and added polenta. While that cooked, I toasted pepitas and flax seeds in my skillet, prepped some summer squash to sauté, and grated parmesan. When the seeds were popping, I added a bit of salt and oil, then stirred them (and the cheese) into polenta. With butter for good measure. I let all that rest while doing the summer squash, which I served on top. Pleasant, pungent. But it needed something a bit more interesting, texturewise: the toasted seeds were toothsome in the cornmush, but not quite crunchy enough to keep things truly interesting. Something deepfried would probably have cemented things. But there are limits to my will.

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