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Jihad This

So. Ten years on from September 11. The orgy of nation-making grief continues. Passing into the double digit of years is just so significant, y’know? It’s apparent that it is on the national psyche, because this blog has seen more hits to a little post I wrote a couple years ago (this one) than ever in its past. The funny thing? Not one of the people who searched for the image I wrote about are from New York — thank you, google analytics. Jihad this? Get a fucking clue, people. If you don’t know anyone who died in the towers, fuck off. And realize that your sense of pride in overcoming some putative aggressor on a holy war, well, it’s contributing to the razing of cities and the slaughter of innocents. It’s good to be righteous, ain’t it? That is all.

Well. Not quite. You know what else September 11 is an anniversary of? How about this. Forces of reaction seem to love this day. Now I’m going to go away for while.

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