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Getting a proper bike earlier this year and starting to use it to get around the city was probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I was on my stoop talking to my super about riding and bike theft and all that jazz (we’re not allowed to lock them out front, he needed a pump to inflate his tires and I lent him mine, blah blah) and he mentioned that he was originally going to try to do 1,000 miles this summer. I started thinking about how many miles I’ve put in since I started commuting to work and generally schlepping around. Since I started riding in earnest in March, the only time I haven’t gotten around mostly on bike was when I smashed my front wheel in an accident and it had to be rebuilt. But I was in California for most of that week, anyway. I figure that I ride about 50 miles a week, on average. Maybe a bit (maybe quite a bit) more on sunny weeks when I’ve taken with the urge to get out of my space, but, y’know, rain. Since the beginning of March there’ve been 27 weeks or so till now, minus one for me being gone and bike being out of commission. So, 26 times 50. That’s 1,300 miles. Not bad. I’ll probably get close to 2,000 before the year’s over.

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