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Rolling on

§ By noon, when the eye of the storm was about to be passing over, the rain had slowed to a mist then stopped. I took the opportunity to ride the city: over through several hoods and parts of the park in Brooklyn, then down into DUMBO and up over the river into lower Manhattan. No hiccups, save a downed tree on the Chinatown side of the bride’s bike path and the fact that pedestrians can’t read signage that says: walk on the other side. Some guy was busy hacking the downed tree to shreds, so it’s likely no longer an issue. The lack of cars on the streets made for very pleasant riding.

The LES was basically empty, and I didn’t really see mobs of people until I stopped for a short breather in Washington Square Park. Then onwards to see if this thai place I’ve been wanting to try was open (it wasn’t) and over the bridge into Billyburg, which, unsurprisingly, was swimming with well-groomed over-aged children intent on finding a place to get smashed. I ate a shitty, fattening sandwich then proceeded down Wythe home. In all, about 16 miles of riding: about as good as I’ve felt in six weeks. I should eat something more, but I think I’ll walk to the park.

The low-lying areas that were evacuated didn’t get hit as badly as they could have, it seems, and the most damage was probably done to people who couldn’t get to work as a result of the MTA shutting down. Sleep was troublesome, obviously, because the wind howled. But the night was easy. We lucked out.

§ The effort of riding congealed some squishy thoughts I’ve been having and made for a bit of emotional clarity. I had originally planned to take out my DSLR (like the rest of we “artsy” goons) and shoot peekshars of windfall leaves and trees that’d crushed the rooves of cars. But I decided instead to just putz around and breath clean smelling air. It was a wise decision. August rolls to a close. It’s been a difficult month, but probably one of the most responsible I’ve lived in a good long time. But life, life is long for the lucky.

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