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Data in, cash out

I’ve been busy. For almost a year. Full-time work, a valueless and debased graduate education, drink — these things eat up my time. And all the moments I have left I spend frittering away thinking about the poetry I ought have been writing. But the rent must be paid. And the utilities — which aren’t that much, considering what some people seem to be paying. The article behind the link really made me smile like a wrongfully convicted inmate. To think! There are people spending more per month on their datastreams than I make in a year. That is,

It used to be that a basic $25-a-month phone bill was your main telecommunications expense. But by 2004, the average American spent $770.95 annually on services like cable television, Internet connectivity and video games, according to data from the Census Bureau. By 2008, that number rose to $903, outstripping inflation. By the end of this year, it is expected to have grown to $997.07. Add another $1,000 or more for cellphone service and the average family is spending as much on entertainment over devices as they are on dining out or buying gasoline.

Of course, I spend no where near $1997.01 on dining out and I don’t have a car, so I guess I fail to make it into the statistically meaningful sample group.

Anyway, I fail to update this blog. I wonder if it serves a purpose. It needs a conceit: all things that continue rely on conceit. Perhaps I’ll come up with one.

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  1. What did you think your blog was for when you started it? What’s different now?

    • Back when I started this blog — five years ago? wowza — I was a fundamentally different person, with different notions about things. I was still in awe of all the theorists and shit I hadn’t read, and humiliated that I didn’t know half the names bandied about in akkkademic discussions. I lived in a sort of thought-vacuum, didn’t have many friends I could discuss the sorts of things I was then reading, and thought blogging was a good medium for me to “express my thoughts.” Now, I’m the beneficiary of far more education than many people would want, am disgusted bt the drivel that gurgles out of intellectuals’ throats, and am more inclined to have discussions where words are actually spoken. And I can. And I do.

      More problematic for blog output than all that, though, is the fact that I am less inclined to broadcast my notes. I still write them up, digitize them, and the like. But they stay on my harddrive or in a database. Notes on books are notes on books. If I want to broadcast something, it ought to be more than notes on a couple of pages of some defunct thinker. And if I am going to make the effort to broadcast something, I make the additional effort to get it published.

      And then I have other bloggish projects going on. Blah. So it goes.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with an infrequent blag. I like your blag.

    anxiousmodernman15 February, 2010 @ 3:27 pmReply
  3. Where are you publishing your work?

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